Human resources

We experienced a year of changes to our team as a number of new positions were filled.

HS Orka's human resources policy is to ensure that the workplace is characterised by professional knowledge, know-how, customer service, job satisfaction and mutual respect. All of these factors were addressed education opportunities for the year.

A Phase 2 appraisal for equal pay certification was conducted at the end of the year, and we were thrilled to receive certification. Smaller businesses were granted a delay for the assessment of wage equality until the end of 2021 but HS Orka had always planned to achieve this objective by 2018. Certification supports Act No. 10/2008 on equality.

We believe that a coherent policy on employee and gender equality will attract and retain outstanding employees and also reflects our values: dedication, integrity and vision.

Our WOW cyclathon team

The main focus of the HR policy is career development, lifelong learning, the job and the family, safety issues, terms of employment, communication, ethics and health.

Employees are encouraged to look after their health and the company provides facilities to promote this approach. The headquarters is located in an area with endless options for outdoor recreation. HS Orka took part in the WOW Cyclothon for the fourth year in a row.

Two employees retired in 2018 and six new employees joined our team. There were 63 full-time employees at year-end as well as a number of temporary employees.




Period of employment