Social responsibility

HS Orka became a participant of the ten principles outlined by the UN Global Compact in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, the Environment and Anti-Corruption at the beginning of 2018 and we are pleased to confirm HS Orka’s continued support for the project. We are committed to respecting and implementing these principles within the company and producing an annual Communication on Progress (COP). Attached is our first COP (published on our website

Social responsibility has always been a component of HS Orka’s corporate culture and our Resource Park is testimony to this. The motto of the park is “society without waste” where great care is taken to fully utilise the resources with which it is entrusted. Innovation and creativity are at the foundation of the Resource Park where they constantly strive to find new ways to effectively utilise these resources. The Resource Park and the utilisation of resource streams for companies, and Icelandic society, are unique in Iceland.

During implementation of the UN GC principles, we placed great emphasis on ensuring that all employees actively participated in projects supporting the initiative. Workshops were held where the principles were introduced and employees submitted proposals of projects for the year. The workshops were part of the principles’ implementation process but they also served to raise awareness.