Safety issues

HS Orka is continuously developing its health and safety policy. The company sets annual objectives and one of the goals for 2018 was to increase the registration of hazards and near-accidents, to implement any necessary improvements and to ensure a safe working environment. However, the number of registered hazards decreased by 30% and near-miss incidents dropped by almost 60%.

An action plan was developed to reduce or eliminate risks in the work environment. The plan came as a result of a risk assessment conducted in 2017. The plan was somewhat successful this year as hazards were reduced by 20% and 2% of potentially serious hazards were eliminated.

The company hoped that the success of the aforementioned plan would result in no accident related absences. However, we still experienced three cases of accident-related absences and one contractor experienced an accident-related absence. We will continue to work on this policy because we want all our employees to return home safely.

Accidents, Incidents and Hazards 2014-2018 (HS Orka)

Accidents, Incidents and Hazards 2014-2018 (Contractors)