Overview of the year



5.7 Bill. ISK
Operating revenue
8.9 Bill.ISK
3.2 Bill. ISK
Equity Ratio
Total production
1.397 GWh
Hot water
13.900 Thousand m³
January 1. 2018

1st. – Albert Albertsson, Engineer and Concept Creator at HS Orka, is awarded the Knight's Cross on New Year's Day for his contribution to the field of geothermal utilisation

January 26. 2018

HS Orka wins the Icelandic Satisfaction Poll for the 14th time in the poll’s 16 years, receiving a score of 68 out of a possible 100

January 30. 2018

HS Orka becomes one of the backers of WGC2020

February 6. 2018

Innergex’s purchase of Alterra’s 53.9% share in HS Orka is finalized

February 8. 2018

Stage 1 assessment of the Equal Pay Scheme according to ÍST 85:2012 is carried out

February 21. 2018

Construction permit is granted for Brúar Power Plant

March 6. 2018

HS Orka, along with other energy and utilities companies, submit a statement of intent to Þórdís Kolbrún R. Gylfadóttir, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, stating their intention to be carbon neutral by the year 2040

March 23. 2018

The first shovel is put in the ground at Brúar Power Plant, HS Orka’s first hydropower plant. The station is located in Biskupstunga

March 26. 2018

The Icelandic Environment Association appeals HS Orka’s construction permit for Brúar Power Plant and requests a suspension of construction

April 17. 2018

The District Court of Reykjanes returned a verdict in favour of HS Orka in the case against HS Veitur regarding the company’s obligations with regard to pension funds

April 24. 2018

HS Orka is a sponsor and participant of IGC 2018

April 26. 2018

An external audit takes place on HS Orka’s Safety and Environmental Management System

May 8. 2018

The Complaints Committee rejects the call for a suspension on the construction of Brúar Power Plant. Constructions started few days later.

May 23. 2018

ISO 14001 Certification achieved

May 23. 2018

OHSAS 18001 Certification achieved

June 1. 2018

The exhibition “Orkuverið Jörð” at Reykjanes Power Plant closes.

June 7. 2018

The first hike of the summer in Reykjanes in collaboration with Geopark and the Blue Lagoon.

July 5. 2018

Geological hike on Stóra-Skógfell in collaboration with Geopark. Guðjón Helgi Eggertsson, Geologist at HS Orka, teaches hikers about the geology and history of the area.

August 13. 2018

HS Orka completes drilling at the research well by Litla-Skógfell in preparation for a future water source

August 30. 2018

Hike up the mountain of Þorbjarnarfell in collaboration with “Women in Energy”

September 14. 2018

HS Orka hosts a seminar on the future of planning, electricity and supply issues in the region of Suðurnes with the municipalities of Hafnarfjörður and Suðurnes.

September 27. 2018

HS Orka completes drilling at the research well at Sýlingarfell in preparation for a future water source

October 22. 2018

Endurnýjun framkvæmdaleyfis fyrir rannsóknarboranir í Eldvörpum samþykkt.

December 6. 2018

A renewal of the construction permit for exploration drilling at Eldvörp is approved

December 14. 2018

ÍST 85:2012 certification achieved